"For the last two years, we've sold over $500K in retail per year, and the #1 thing that brings new guests into our salon is Aveda. There was no other choice when it came to my own salon.

Aveda really supports you—from your first location, on. When I went to open our new location, not only did my SDP help me find the new space, Aveda’s New Development team came down and ran demographics for us, talked to attorneys, did a lot of legwork and even helped negotiate our new lease, all of which can be uncharted territory for new salon owners.

Our SDP is like my friend—she’s always there when I need her."

Nichole Dyer Moore
Owner, Anaala Salon and Spa


"Aveda has been the best thing for our salon and our stylist’s paychecks! We would never go back to any other color line. Aveda is MUCH more customizable and our colors are finally as vibrant as we envision. We can easily neutralize reds (always a challenge before), and even though it’s a natural line, the grey coverage is excellent. And our blondes are so much healthier—we’re seeing a considerable less amount of breakage when using Aveda’s enlightener.

The biggest difference is the support and education—Aveda has guided our business as a whole. We have grown 128% in the last few years, solely due to Aveda’s support."

Shanda Vandepol
Lead Stylist, Educator and Manager,
The Rouge Salon and Spa


"I’m about to open my second location! Working with Aveda has drawn a lot of new guests to our salon; guests know they will get an experience. Aveda's support goes far beyond product and education! Our SDP is involved with layouts, recruitment, career pathing for our team, coaching for growth and more." 

Owner, 501 Salon & Industry Salon Shop


"As a colorist, Aveda is a no-brainer. It’s like having an artist’s palette at my disposal at all times. And besides the wealth of online resources, the personalized support is what helps me grow. My Aveda rep is the only liaison I need—she’s a custom, one-stop-shop who knows my market, my demographics and what I need to do next to grow."

Owner, Source Salon


“I more than tripled the business by bringing in Aveda, and I would not be where I am today with any other company. The Aveda salons in my area have formed a support network. We’re not competitors, we’re an aligned village, sharing education, resources and ideas.”

“Everything in that mission statement, Aveda follows through on, and I try to do the same. Aveda’s more than just a product line. It’s a set of values, based in artistry, wellness, education and environmental sustainability.”

Owner, Salon Linnea


“Upon switching to the Aveda brand, I noticed a significant improvement to my hair and skin. As I shared my journey with my clients they wanted to try what worked so well for me. Aveda has helped us grow our business by simply being an outstanding brand of integrity and quality, plugging us in with fantastic contacts and answering our questions on our continuing quest for knowledge.”

Owners, Noggins Salon


"Aveda comes with a community of industry leaders who are helping us grow. We’re getting to spend time, one-on-one, with people in the industry we look up to, like Edwin Neill and Van Council. Being invited to pick their brains is invaluable!" 

"The support, operations and education is all top-notch. We can reach out anytime with questions, and Aveda’s education keeps us ahead of the trends. Education is a core value of ours, and Aveda’s keeps us at the top of the industry."

rory & fiona tolunay
Siblings/Owners, Vanity Salon


"The best part of working with Aveda is the feeling of security. We are selling more home care per month than we used to per year! I recommend becoming a part of the Aveda family to anyone that wants to be a part of something bigger, that wants to give back to their community and this earth while expanding their client base, retaining existing clients and growing financially."

Owner, Salon One Six One


“In the past year, our retail is up 21%, services have grown 9.75%, transactions 6% and purchases 8%! I could not see my business being as successful as it is without Aveda. I love coming to work knowing we can continue to hit our goals, and beat the goals we set for the future.”

Owner, Silver Stone Salon and Spa


“The education I am receiving is priceless, but the connections you make at the classes and the way Aveda makes you feel like family are life-changing. I am so happy to be a part of this wonderful company and family!”

Owner, Salon Breeze