• How does Aveda help me attract staff?

    We’ll help you recruit top talent from the network of Aveda Institutes, who graduate over 7000 applicants each year. We connect our salons and schools for ongoing recruitment.

  • How does Aveda drive new customers to my business?

    You’ll receive customer referrals from the Aveda website and global network of stores (based on your salon level).

  • What kind of support do I receive?

    We provide the best local, one-on-one, full service support in the industry. Your Salon Development Partner (SDP) is your lifeline, consultant and coach, through all the stages of your business. Like a part of your team, they will help you conduct business-building events, client greetings, education, retail recommendations and merchandising.

    Aveda also provides:

    • on-site technical support
    • in-salon coach program
    • design and construction resources
    • location and demographic research


  • What about marketing support?

    When you are connected to Aveda, you will have the force of a Marketing and Public Relations department, as well as national and global advertising to support your products. You’ll receive other benefits based on your salon level, like co-branding and marketing and education dollars. Learn more about salon levels.

  • Does Aveda provide education?

    Yes, and we believe it’s the best in the industry. See why.

    How it works: For new salons, a schedule of product/service-based classes is planned to get your staff off on the right foot. On an ongoing basis, Concept Salons enjoy educational funds (based on purchases) that can be directed to support programs of their choice. Network Salons have an active schedule of local classes to choose from, along with in-salon options.


  • What is the profit margin on Aveda retail products?

    When sold at the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP), Aveda products generally reflect a profit margin of 50%, while also commanding higher prices than many competitors in the professional market.


  • Where else is Aveda sold?

    We have a strict, zero tolerance policy toward diversion. We ensure that Aveda is only distributed via approved, professional salons and spas, cosmetology schools, Aveda Lifestyle Stores and Experience Centers. This means no competing with drugstores or discount chains for product sales.

  • Why does Aveda have stores at the mall?

    Aveda has taken an innovative approach to driving business to our salons and spas and gaining consumer recognition and awareness. Aveda Experience Centers are stores located in high-end retail venues (malls) for the sole purpose of increasing local and national consumer awareness for our salon/spa partners. No paid services are conducted at the Experience Centers. Guests have the opportunity to play with the products and learn what works best for them. The reality is, these locations refer thousands of clients to Aveda network and Concept Salons each year. Positioning Aveda with a collection of top-level retailers and designers increases the value of our salon network in the consumer’s eye. These sites truly represent the ultimate experiential advertisement.

  • Can anyone sell Aveda? Will I be competing with scores of Aveda salons?

    Aveda invests a great deal in evaluating each market’s potential before partnering with prospective owners, and limits the number of locations to maximize sales. For areas open to development, contact the Aveda New Business Development Team at NewBusiness@aveda.com.